Apollo 1 - European Incursion

Notes as I travel

Day One Success

Day one of skiing complete.  Momentous really.  Especially considering that in an act of sheer cleverness I failed to realise our ski hire didn’t include helmets.  That’s fine because I don’t even need one apparently. 

The skiing itself was pretty fantastic.  Of course, not as good as Europe - but you’re not allowed to say things like that. Given my previous form I wanted to start slowly with a “Magic Carpet Ride” up to the “Kids Fun Zone”, but from there it was all big boy stuff.  The sun was out, the snow was good and best of all my brain fluids are still tucked away inside my head.

Tomorrow we’re going to hit up the same mountain but the plan is to really take this party to phase two.  I don’t know the emergency number in New Zealand but I think I should find out.

What Sleeps Below

The following list contains words that cannot be used to describe my living arrangement:







On a related side note, there is a nondescript creature that occupies the bed below mine.  It seems to sleep from about 8pm through to 11am and it is thought that it is a female but sightings are unconfirmed.  The reason why I’m not confident in saying that there is a person living beneath me is because this thing breathes as if it is being continually choked whilst eating a bag of Smith’s salt and vinegar potato chips.  The gurgling, hissing and bubbling that keeps me up most of the night is more indicative of an eel, a piglet or possibly a yeti, but certainly not a human.

If you go down to the woods today…

Tentatively New Zealand

It has been six months since my European adventures.  My life is vastly different from the one I lived then.  I now wash my clothes on a regular basis, I get my haircut less reluctantly and for several reasons there are days where I won’t eat meat.

But yes I’m writing here again.  Because New Zealand.  As excited as I am (and believe me I am excited) I can’t help shake the feeling that something typically unfortunate is going to happen. Well here’s why..

  • My brother and I decided  few months ago that we would come to Queenstown to ski.  The next day I broke my arm mountain biking;
  • I have been skiing twice in my life.  The first time was when I was 13.  The second time I managed to knock myself unconscious on my second run of the day; and
  • between the two of us there has been an alarming lack of preparation and forethought being put into this trip.  For example I found out the day before we left that we were returning on Friday and not Thursday as previously thought.  Kieran realised this upon arriving in NZ.


Waiting for a train
Dog sledding over a frozen lake